Tuesday, April 30, 2013

oh anne

one time Mom and I took my niece Anne to McDonalds.
she was brave and went down the big slide all by herself for the 1st time. 
she came out with a look of terror/excitement.
so she did it again. 

for some unknown reason on the third time we hear her screeching.
she got scared inexplicably. 
she was so scared she become frozen and couldn't move. 
we told her didn't have to go down the slide but to just climb back down the tube. 

she kept yelling and crying at the very top. 

we were the only ones in the place so there were no other kids to help her out.  

guess who mom had go climb up and get her?
you guessed it.
since it was Conference Weekend i was still in church clothes aka A DRESS crawling bent over up the playplace. #classy

so i worm my way up and fish Anne out. 
when we get to the bottom Mom took this candid photo on the right: 
note that rotten pea pod's face - so happy and proud of herself of what a good joke it all was- when seconds before she was hysterical

i asked Anne what happened, why was she so scared on the 3rd time?
this was her answer:
"there were too many colors."

fair enough. 

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