Saturday, December 29, 2012


This year was fabulous.
i mean it was really great.
i feel so grateful for all the wonderful and fun things i got to do.

go to the Fun. concert

my big sister got engaged
friends came home from missions

roomie road trip to california

and disneyland

had another roomie road trip to Elko, Nevada

went to great BYU games
went Chocolate Salsa dancing

City Creek opened and i found the best ring on the planet at Tiffany

got to be a bridesmaid for my old roomie and friend Camilia

 went to Washington D.C.

bought red lip stick 
 Stefi graduated with her Masters

 Lizzy and I threw a bridal shower for Rachel
 Stefi got married

 visited University of Washington in Seattle

 got a brand new baby brother
 visited Northeastern and Boston

 went to Bear Lake with all my nieces and nephew
more friends came home from missions

went on the Sundance halloween lift ride
 went to Color me Mine for the first time
 my last BYU football game as a Cougar
 riverwoods lighting 
 got beautiful flowers for Thanksgiving
 went to the Killers concert
 went to the Live Nativity, candy windows and Temple lights

went to Las Vegas to celebrate a cute boy's 22nd birthday

 and we also celebrated one really great month 
 drove the alpine loop for the first time

took the GRE (!!!)

applied to Graduate school to Vanderbilt University, University of Washington, San Diego State, Northeastern University, University of Utah and Utah State (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

had great bonfires and went to a fun corn maze

(and met really great new friends)

and lastly turned 22

 2012 was such a blast and had so many blessings and surprises.
thanks 2012, you were one happy year