Friday, April 29, 2011

fun in the sun!

well i am back from a wild adventure in the sunshine state. florida was fabulous. mixed with mom, brother, sister in law, 2 nieces, 1 nephew, uncle, aunt, 6 cousins it was quite the week!

this trip was filled with great and hilarious moments. i will just give a few highlights:

gorgeous beach at clear water where the water was so warm and had white sand
HaRrY pOtTeR wOrLd!!!!
butterbeer mustaches- the frozen butterbeer was ssooo good!
it tasted like butterscotch
dressing up in the shops at Hogmead
finding my wand
at Olliv

jurassic park- watch out!
shopping in fred and george's joke shop- zonkos

riley, emma and i had a girls day at epcot.
here is disney boardwalk

eating pizza in Italy. there were many many many attractive italian waiters.
our favorite was named fabio.
he probably thought we were blubbering idiots, mostly because riley forgot how to pay with a credit card.
norway vikings hunting a baby seal
i love emma's baby mexican hat
its a beatles concert in the UK!
in the magic kingdom:
holden was completely smitten with the princesses.
he told them he liked their pretty dresses and asked if they liked his monster truck shirt.
he also gave them some dirty pennies he found on the ground, which they politely tried to give back. but he wouldn't let them.
cinderella liked him so much that she gave me a kiss.
just look at that smug fac

haha he couldn't stop looking at the princesses!
prisoners at Pirates of the Caribbean
best part of the flight was the southwest walkway. it was covered in pictures of their employees cheering you on. so funny!
the girls dressed in their princess shirts by the Dumbo ride
baby adelaide's favorite ride was small world. she was laughing, cooing, and totally entranced.
that face is priceless.
my brother's family in downtown disney
by Cinderella's Castle
ready to hit the pool with our awesome shades

on our last night mom and i stayed to watch the stunning royal wedding!
it was a great memory i will always remember watching the wedding of the century with my mom early in the morning.
I LOVED KATE'S DRESS- especially because it reminded me of Grace Kelly's.

i also loved all the hats worn by the guests,
it made me think of what i would wear if i got to go.
there were so many good ones, it was hard to pick my favorite.

but it was no competition to pick my least favorite.
completely horrid.
hands down the worst hat is a tie between Will's two cousins.
check out the pink one. so strange!
all in all it was another great family vacation. and once again it went by all too fast.
oh dear. now to start my summer job this summer as a nanny on monday

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


in our apartment you can tell its finals week.
it has manifested itself in our living room.
tiff, ash, skj and i made what we affectionately call The Birds Nest.

it is definitely the best idea we have had in a long time.
it is pure genius.
The Birds Nest:
-two couches pushed together
-all the blankets and pillows in the apartment
-put the fluffy comforters down first as soft liners
- use lighter blankets on top to snuggle with
-surround all angles and corners with pillows
-add your favorite people

and volia! an answer to all your wants and problems.

purpose and use of The Birds Nest:
-take the best nap of your life in it when you feel overwhelmed with stress or completely worn out from being in the library for hours and hours
-use it as a break from your bed and have sleepovers
- comfiest place to study EVER

this is such a great idea that more than just my room mates and i use this.
last night i came home from our apartment to find Nate (best guy friend in our ward) fast asleep in our Birds Nest. he even made reservations with all my room mates to save it especially for his much-needed nap. Our other friend Boston will get in and never want to get out. Our neighbors come and use it too.

we have started a guestbook. anyone that gets in the Nest also gets their picture taken. all the boys said we could take their picture but if we posted it they would have a fit. haha i guess they don't want the world to know how much they secretly love our little Nest, they don't want to admit that its their guilty pleasure. so i have refrained but we have quite the collection.

so if you need a rest and want to test out the magic of the Birds Nest, call my room mate Ashley. she will be taking reservation until next Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the way to boys' hearts

today the universe stopped. something that NEVER happens.... ever.. happened 5 times today.

five humans told me how much they liked the color of my nail polish. doesn't seem like that big of deal. i mean nail polish is a tiny detail that most people don't comment on anyways but wait for it:

all five humans were boys. BOYS. BOYS.

one said that the color was pretty intense. psh- please! this is tame. he should have seen my 80's Barbie prom dress color. picture this: hot pink with blue and purple sparkles on top. it was blinding! oh such a good combo... anyways.

is it just me or is that super weird/awesome??? since when do boys paid any attention to girl's clothes or say something about it, let alone notice their nails. well it has worked out to be a great opener for flirting. once they say how much they like the color i say, "oh i picked it because it matches the color of my eyes. see?". i then hold my nails up to my eyes and the boys look into my eyes and get lost in my blue-eyed universe. (shout out to the fictionist band!) and then they fall in love.

so if anyone wants a score of boys to fall head over heels in love (or just get their attention) just paint their nails a sea foam green/ mint chocolate chip color. warning: it is a big responsibility. hearts will be broken once the color is painted.

Monday, April 11, 2011

happy birthday rachel buddy!

Rachie poo! Yesterday was your birthday! (sorry about the delay) But i couldn't not do a post dedicated to ya. so here it goes:

there are a about 34 MILLION pictures of you and i on my laptop. i couldn't possibly pick all of my favorites so there are just the ones that stood out to me.

wow- this is a little daunting. there is so much i want to say! how to begin????

Rachel Ann Reese:

you are simply amazing. so classy. so adventurous. so sweet. so charming. so lovely.
i count myself UNBELIEVABLY lucky to have you as a best friend.

i first met you walking up the stairs of olympus jr high on my way to Ms. Allred's English class. you past me and you were with Gabby and Alyssa. I knew you were friends with another cute girl in Allred's class with me (who turned out to be Alyssa). my first thought was: "wow. i have got to be friends with this girl." and i kept thinking the same thing every time i past you in the halls :)you have been there for all the momentous, life changing moments of my life. (like being on the phone with me at midnight and being the first one to know i got into byu. knowing when i got my first kiss. and of the biggest of them all: jerusalem)
we take hilarious pictures like this one of us being death eaters in a mosque in Jordan. we are pro at taking jumping pictures and pictures of yummy food because we are foodies at heart.
you are my field trip buddy. you stay behind with me to take pictures and we just travel in the same style. its great.
you CRACK me up so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i honestly don't think i could ever express how funny you are! we have countless and countless funny stories, accents, inside jokes and just wild times.
you work so hard at school and work. i am impressed by how you can keep it all together.
i love how sporty you are. i love your acts of service.
i love how sensitive you are.
i love how you make goals and then you make them happen!
i love how talented you are and in a variety of areas too!
i love going to BYU with you and "studying" in good old Harold B. Lee
your clothes and style are so adorable! i also love love love your hair!
you gave us the absolute best senior trip ever by letting us come with you to cali!
thank you for always listening to me and making me feel better
everyone who meets you wants to get to know you.
you are the best sister and so loyal to your family. i love that about you!
thank you for being so wonderful and spectacular! i really really really love you. like a ton. bless your cotton-pickin heart.

remember our last day at the Shuuk in West Jeru and you lost your voice so when you barked it sounded exactly like a dog? haha. one of my fav videos of you!