Saturday, September 29, 2012

birthday celebration part 4

For the last birthday celebration I went home to be with family. We had a big family dinner of homemade Cafe Rio salads. We actually celebrated 3 birthdays- my uncle and cousin also had birthdays that week. We had a 12, 22 and 55 year old. My mom also made me wear a badge that said birthday girl which found in the dollar section of Target. Which is really a piece of heaven on earth.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

birthday celebration round 3 (on actual day of birth)

the morning started with me waking up at 4:30 am. i always wake up around the time i was born. 
then went back to bed for a couple more hours. 
got in a cute outfit and had a dessert sandwich for breakfast. 
aka two pieces of white bread with nutella, peanut butter, marshmallows and banana all grilled together in our sandwich maker. 

then matt came over with the funniest inside joke as a present.
TREAT YO SELF 2011 2012
Parks & Rec anyone? 

then he gave me a ride to school which was such a treat because my first class 
literally (Parks & Rec again) takes me 30 mins to walk to. 
thank you communication disorders for being based in the Taylor building. 
Farthest stateille building from the sun. 

then just had a nice day at school filled with lots of texts, calls and voicemails to wish me a happy birthday. 
my favorite one was from my 2 year old niece Anne. such a doll face. 

then a big groups of friends and I went out to dinner. 
We had chinese at Shoots- delicious! 
I was in good company to say the least. 
after dinner we came back to our apartment for cake and brownie batter shots! (my favorite treat)
then more friends came over and we had ourselves a little party. 

i forgot to take pictures at the beginning so i only got the people at the end. 


xoxox Amy Faust, latest 22 year old

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

birthday celebration round 2

i have always wanted to drive the Alpine Loop in the Fall because i hear the colors are so pretty.

well my good friend Matt was so nice and took me on that drive for my birthday tomorrow. 
and let me tell you, "pretty" does not cut it. 
i thought i had seen some stunning fall colors in my life (being from Utah and all) 
i am so so so so so happy i got to do this before i leave BYU, 
this is definitely one of the best things i have ever done. 
it made me fall in love with Autumn all over again, it really is my favorite season. 

so now enjoy some of the most phenomenal colors you will ever see: 
(the pictures don't do it justice)

we know how to fully take advantage of Utah falls

 it had been raining earlier that day. 
the mist/fog made everything more beautiful

 yellow aspens are my favorite 

 i mean, seriously?

i just love Autumn in Utah. 
thanks again Matt, such an amazing birthday present. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

ring in the birthday celebrations!

my 22nd birthday is this wednesday (yay!) and we started the celebration this weekend.
i saw a Chihuly art exhibit as a young baby girl when it came to Salt Lake years ago.
ever since then i decided i needed to go to a glass blowing factory. bucket list!!!

 last month i found out that there was a glass blowing factory / studio in Alpine.
 i knew i would use my birthday card and use it for a roomie outing to make glass art.
(that is the best part of having a birthday- picking something and everyone having to do it. not only doing it but having to pretend they like it.)

we got to the studio and got a tutorial on how we were going to make glass flowers. 
 this is us being taught how to make glass flowers and being wowed. 

so first you pick 2 colors of crushed glass - a color for the stems and a color for the petals. 
the guy starts off by dipping a pole in a pot of molten glass and then rolls the bulb of liquid glass in the crushed up colored glass. then back in the fire it goes to mix in the color.

then he brings it over to you and you make the flower!
 megan went first and she chose green & ivory

miriam picked blue and gold 

so excited! 

hannah did white and orange 

first you have to made one end flat like a plate
then you get big pliers and start pulling out tiny petals
(i did light aqua blue for my petals)
then you keep going and pulling bigger and bigger petals. 
to make the stem you then pull the other end and roll it, cut it and there you go. 

here is our awesome instructor 

for lunch we hit up Mountainwest Burrito, 
i had never been there before and was happy to finally try it:

needless to say i got a giant chicken chimichanga to ring in my birthday celebrations!