Wednesday, November 14, 2012

welcome November

welcome November- its only been a little bit but you sure have been busy. 

thanks for the crazy, monster snow storm and icicle treats: 
and for thanksgiving themed FHEs:
(i got the idea to make these hats from my Kindergarten class. 
i have a picture as a 6 yr old wearing the exact same thing)

went up to my little Sisters' school play:
(they were swamp people or creatures.... last year Maddie was a tree.....upgrade? not really sure)

 and once again matched spontaneously and unintentionally with cousin Riley:

had a Saturday Morning themed FHE where i made everyone come in PJs, eat cereal and watch cartoons (Recess rules!)
i am going to make one cool Mom

conned some Freshman boy into giving me his taco in exchange for girl advice, 
oh the joys of being a Senior:
(it won't matter anyways because he is leaving on a mission and when that happens all bets are off) 

went to my LAST football game as a Cougar:

literally saw the shortest skirt ever on campus: 
think she got away with it?

i also squished on baby's cheeks
and he returned the favor by squishing his cheeks on me back: 

its only been a few weeks November, but it sure has been fun so far