Monday, April 30, 2012

camilia's wedding

this weekend i was a bridesmaid for my good friend Camilia
she and i were room mates when i came home from Jerusalem and before she left for London
she married her bff Taylor and it was so fun to be there when they were dating and fell in love

the day started up at the Logan Temple for their sealing 
they were so happy and she looked stunning
her dress, veil and bouquet were beautiful 

 the luncheon was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building 
and the reception at Salt Lake Hardware Building

i loved everything about the reception. Cam had such a cute theme and it turned out so well
 Cam and I made all those banners- we cut them out of burlap 

dessert table: 

 loved the tree ring as the cake stand 

 guests signed vintage post cards to sign in
 i really loved the exposed beams with the brick arches
also the string of lights and banners were just adorable. 
 here are the cupcakes i made for the reception 

 all the girls

there was dancing later on and it was a total blast
i also even caught the bouquet (that was a laugh)
it was  great day and i felt so lucky to be apart of it

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


happy birthday to the best woman i know!
i always feel so lucky when i get to say i'm yours. 
i love you very much!
xoxo- your silliest goofus on the roofus 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

bow ring

well i found it. 
after 21 years of having no idea or opinion on what i would want my future engagement ring to look like- i finally found it. 
(just for clarification- i am not getting engaged. just window shopping with my MOM)

of course it is at Tiffany's. 
the dream of all dreams. 

 just seeing the Tiffany Box Blue color gets me happy

 so it is the one to the right- THE BOW MADE OF DIAMONDS (not the gross infinity one- gag me)
it is so me. 
i mean hello - a bow? no brainer.
the picture doesn't capture the amazingness of it. 

the nice sales man let me try it on and even sized me. 
i am a size 5 fyi for any future proposals 

it isn't actually an engagement ring- just a $2,200 everyday ring. normal right? (cough..)

just for fun i then tried on another bow ring they have that is made from twisted sterling silver.
this is just a couple hundred. 

sigh- i just wait for the day where i could just drop 2,200 for an everyday ring.
but i am seriously considering having that for my engagement ring one day.
i know its so trendy but all rings are. there is no such thing as completely 'timeless' 
every thing can be dated so why not get something fantastic?

City Creek you know how to treat a girl right

Friday, April 13, 2012

its true

i am stronger than i look. don't let how short and little i am fool you. 
its all in the legs- thank you ballet and the million of grand plies i did

for some reason people never believe me when i say i can give them piggy back rides
i found out that my carrying capacity is 200 lbs 
so in the end i always have to prove it:

 this is craig. he is 190 lbs. and not only did i hold him up, but walked across the beach
on sand!
which is extra hard 

this is jared. he is 160 lbs. and i walked all the way to the security guards 
i have also carried his room mate michael 

*these pictures are not posed*

this is only a small representation of the people i have carried 
so if i ever offer to carry you- its a real offer
and consider this post as proof


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

andrew darling

whelp today was andrew's birthday
he is one of my good buddies

i THINK he turned 23.... i'm pretty sure on that hahah
we first became besties by studying the lib and bonded over music as shown below: 
(we also went to the same high school when he had super long shaggy hair. like a dog) 

 right now he is taking me on a musical tour on his favorite band Radiohead 
album by album 
in chronological order.
 this is serious business 

this is from his last birthday
i made dinner and cupcakes 

 he puts up with a lot from me. like the time i MADE him get into the nest my roomies made 
(it was just our two couches pushed together)
for some reason he was being stubborn and say he wouldn't get it

he played nice and humored me

anyways, happy birthday andrew darling!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

welcome back

seanathan a.k.a sean thomas stringham is home from Chile!

he is full blown RM now

so happy to have my best friend back!
i get to steal him and have him at BYU with me
muhaha too bad Utah State

hip hip hooray!
just compare the now and then featured above and below

catching up with Jon who also just come home from serving in Australia 

here are some flashbacks to show our friendship through the ages: 

these are from the night we smeared crisco all over ourselves and slid down a grassy hill
oh, high school summer nights 

yes he is rubbing my feet - he is a good sport

this is sean singing to me some  songs he made up for my 18th birthday

rachie poo

it is one my all time best friend's birthday - 
Rachel Reese, the one and only 
she is 21 today
i just love rachel so much and feel so cool when people ask if she is my bff and i get to say yes!
everyone knows that rachel is simply the best and everyone wants to be her friend because 
she is so kind, hilarious, classy and cute as a button. 

once you get to know rachel these absolutely fabulous accents come out and her goofy side is pure gold
she has been there for all my big moments in my life:
jr high
high school
turing 16
dating- school dances
getting a real taste in music 
(she was the one who was on the phone with me as i found out i got into BYU)
study abroad 
(i can't believe how lucky i was to have her with my on the biggest adventure of my life. it wouldn't have been the same with out her, she completely made that experience) 

now a short sample from the millions of pictures we have together: 

 senior trip to carlsbad
 high school award night
 graduation from high school
 crashing Jr. Prom as Seniors
 church of the holy sepulcher 

 treats for Ramadan
 in the caves under the Old City Jerusalem
 dome of the rock
 our favorite street in the Old City- the one tons of butchers.... cough cough
 damascus gate 
 our favorite Hebrew candy shop
 hot chocolate in West Jerusalem at Cafe Hillel

 pyramids in EGPYT 

Luxor temple
 synagogue in Cario
 chillin in the wilderness with the Bedouins 
 strange bathroom in Jordan... wait this is for GIRLS right? i'm not sure- there are only 3 signs telling me
 highest point in Petra Jordan- look out site
the Treasury 

all my memories with Rachel are so precious and priceless to me
her friendship has blessed my life in many ways

happy birthday buddy!
i love you
remember "who needs men when you have architecture?"