Saturday, March 26, 2011

book love

I am a nerd because:
1. i spent the whole day at a book signing for my all time favorite author and book
2. i was number one in the stand-by line
3. i was in line from two to six. then from seven thirty to ten after his lecture for him to sign my book
4. i was more excited to see Markus Zusak come in the room than a new Harry Potter movie come on screen
5. i was alone and went by myself the entire time (which was awesome. i took myself on the best date i have ever been on haha)
6. i passed up the festival of colors with all my friends to go to this
7. i may have cried (i will tell the story and this one will make more sense)
8. my heart is still racing because i am on such a high from talking to him!

so the speech and book signing for Markus Zusak was at the Provo Library today. THIS WAS A HUGE DEAL because he lives in Australia. He got in from Sydney this afternoon and is leaving tomorrow morning. And within that limited window of blessed time he completed charmed me. Mr. Zusak is a New York Times Bestseller for a record amount of weeks and it took a lot of effort to get him here. He is enchanting!

so 500 people had tickets to hear him live in the ballroom and they got tickets weeks ago. i just found out about this event yesterday when good fortune smiled upon me. i luckily picked up a Daily Universe, which i rarely do, and they had an article on it. i called the lib and they told me that since i didn't have a ticket i could wait in the stand-by line and see if there are any open seats.

so i go to stand in line and there is one woman ahead of me. but then another woman gave the woman ahead of me a ticket. so she went home and i was now first in line. BOOYAH.

then at five when they were letting all the people with tickets get to their seats, a sweet grandma came up to me and said "look, i have a ticket for you." i was so happy that i gave her a hug. i got a really good seat and was in group F out of A - K for Mr. Zusak to sign my book after. i could not believe my luck!!!!the library decorated the ballroom so cute. the lights with the cards pinned on with clothes pins matched and tied in with one of Mr. Zusak's other book "I am the Messenger". how cute?!
Mr. Zusak was a spectacular speaker. He spoke on what inspired him to write "The Book Thief", how he writes and answered questions.

My favorite part was when he said "You know you are a writer when you can answer yes to this question: 'if you knew your story would never get published, would you still write it?' and for me it is yes. Getting published doesn't make you an author, saying yes to that question does."
it was just so wonderful to sit and listen to a lecture on your all time favorite book and all its themes, learn the background and facts i could have never known if i hadn't have gone ALL FROM THE SOURCE HIMSELF. this was the first author i have ever met or heard speak.

then i waited in line for him to sign my copy of "The Book Thief". while i waited i made friends with two super nice moms who teach English and are having their classes read "The Book Thief" right now. we just sat and talked about why we loved the book so much, one of my favorite things to do- talk about books. then finally at ten pm i made it to the table! i got nervous and didn't know what to say. what do you say to the author of your favorite book that changed your life? its kind of a big deal.

he said hello and all of the sudden i got shy. but then i just said (i think, it was all a blur) "this is my favorite book. i just love it. thank you for writing this. i was really moved" then the woman next to him said, "i remember this girl. she was first in line for standby. she sat on the hard tiled floor since 2 pm to see you."

Mr. Zusak said in his perfect accent "Did you really? thank you. that means a lot. here i have something for you."i just answerd "well, your book really means a lot to me. i just had to come" next thing i know he is pulling out a copy of one of his new books out from his briefcase. It is an Australian copy, something you can't buy in America.

In "The Book Thief" he signed 'To Amy, thank you. here is to love, colours (note the spelling) and books." which makes sense if you have read the book. and the new book he gave me he wrote "To Amy. 2 pm Congratulations" That is when i started to tear up. then we talked for a bit more but i don't remember it all because i was just so excited. then a bunch of people came up to me afterward and wanted to see the book he gave me and ask me what he said. i couldn't stop smiling!

then since it was raining the nice moms that i made friends with gave me a ride home. so many little miracles made this amazing day happen for me. i am just so happy and grateful, i am just so lucky

Mr. Zusak signing my book. my favorite man on earth.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

random bits of love/hate

the other day i found a hilarious crumbled up posted note on a table in the library that i was studying at.

one side said: "i love you but i hate studying. xoxo" with a heart.
the other side said "i hate you.. but i love studying." with crossbones.

i can't decide which side should be first. its funny either way.

for some reason this note started me down a long train of thought with lots of random connections. just thought i would share.

isn't it funny how mistakable love and hate are? people say they aren't but they totally are. why else would you put so much energy, effort and time into a single person? they obviously bring out some pretty intense emotions in ya. and the most intense emotions i think are love and hate.

i think Stardust puts it best:
"I know that love is unconditional. But I also know that it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable and strangely easy to mistake for loathing."

farther down the rabbit hole we go because then i thought of a favorite quote from the play "Barefoot in the Park" by Neil Simon. this is a favorite movie/play between a miss katie johnson and myself. it pretty much sums up how i expect to be as a newly wed. HILARIOUS. really though- i recommend checking it out.
basically the plot is about this new couple that just got married and how they figure out married life. they live in a little crummy apartment on the top floor of a building that doesn't have an elevator, but to them its their little love nest. they are head over heels in love but they can really butt heads.

best part is when real life starts to happen. at one point the heat goes out in their apartment (aka hole in the wall) in the middle of winter and the whole day has gone wrong. they are in bed and just finished arguing. It is kind of Corie's fault why the heat went out and all night Paul has been trying not to blame her or get mad or admit that it was his fault. but Corie can tell and feels guilty. She knows Paul is mad at her and just wants him to admit to it. She turns to him as they freeze and says -

Corie: "Paul, do you hate me?"
Paul: "Yes."
Corie: "Then say it!"
Paul: "I hate you."
Corie: "And I hate you."

the way Robert Redford says it, is so so so funny! and Corie is a perfect reflection of how girls are sometimes haha. its just so great.

ok well hope this crazy brain train made sense to anyone other than myself.
sometimes i visualize my brain as a over flowing messy closet bursting of random junk and i am the only one who can navigate through all the mess. but since this is my blog, it seems fitting for it to match my mind.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

i am a girl.

gonna capture the world.

{check out this youtube video. just copy and paste it.
i. love. it. so. much.}

Sunday, March 6, 2011

dream come true.

i found this terrifyingly old picture of myself at the peak of my awkward dark days.
i remember thinking after i took this picture on the left how fun it would be ride a real camel, but didn't really think it would ever happen and soon put it out of my mind.

i forgot about that just now.

its funny what hopes and dreams come to pass.
you never can tell what wonderful things will happen to you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

sweetness take 2

the sweetest thing is happening next to me.
i am sitting at a table in the JKB waiting for my ASL lab on the 3rd floor where all the other foreign languages have TA rooms too.
sitting next to me is the coolest old man.
he is maybe late 60's early 70's.
he is studying Arabic because he is a student here. he is looking up his homework in his syllabus, his notes are in cursive and has his cute text book & binder with him.
he is study buddies with a 19 year old girl. what if she is his granddaughter? that would be kinda neat to take a college class with your grandpa.

{my grandpa goes up to the University of Utah still and takes college classes because the U lets senior citizens audit for free.}

isn't that awesome? i hope when i am old i still do cool things like go back to college to learn a language i have always wanted to learn. i am just really touched and impressed right now.

plus he has awesome glasses, handkerchief, PLAID suit and classy hat on. i am just loving this.


this is tacked to a tree somewhere and this is adorable. no way around it.