Tuesday, April 30, 2013

oh anne

one time Mom and I took my niece Anne to McDonalds.
she was brave and went down the big slide all by herself for the 1st time. 
she came out with a look of terror/excitement.
so she did it again. 

for some unknown reason on the third time we hear her screeching.
she got scared inexplicably. 
she was so scared she become frozen and couldn't move. 
we told her didn't have to go down the slide but to just climb back down the tube. 

she kept yelling and crying at the very top. 

we were the only ones in the place so there were no other kids to help her out.  

guess who mom had go climb up and get her?
you guessed it.
since it was Conference Weekend i was still in church clothes aka A DRESS crawling bent over up the playplace. #classy

so i worm my way up and fish Anne out. 
when we get to the bottom Mom took this candid photo on the right: 
note that rotten pea pod's face - so happy and proud of herself of what a good joke it all was- when seconds before she was hysterical

i asked Anne what happened, why was she so scared on the 3rd time?
this was her answer:
"there were too many colors."

fair enough. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Peace out Provo

for our very last night in Provo Miriam and I threw a grad party
our Mom's got together and did the whole thing basically.
once they got each other's emails it was a run away trian

compared to what normal Provo parties are like 
(aka no decorations, zero drinks and a half eaten bag of Doritos
 and a hand full of starbursts - with only orange left)
 it pulled out all the stops. 

it was real rager.  

it was the best way to say good bye to our favorite college town. 
thanks to everyone who came!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


this blog post is brought to you by the newest BYU aluma 
that's right - I graduated Cum Laude from Brigham Young University 

(funny thing was I didn't know I was Cum Laude until my friend texted my during the ceremony and told me to look in the program. what a happy surprise!)

here are some pictures from the big day:
 the graduates

favorite boss and professor 

 with Brigham Young himself
 freshman year friends

 ^^^we started and ended BYU together
 walked in an undergrad and walked out a graduate

 love these girls

 ringing the victory bell 

we did it!
I love BYU more than I could every say and my whole life was made better because I went there. 
It has been the most wonderful adventurous chapter in my life so far. 
I will forever be a proud Cougar- RISE AND SHOUT

Roomies in Park City

to celebrate our last little bit together as room mates we hit up Park City for the weekend.
first we went shopping at the outlets and got hit on by weirdie employees in an empty Pac Sun store.

next up we went to Main Street for dinner which was delicious!
while we ate a pack of punk 14 yr old boys came in and started flirting with us. 
at first it was funny but once they started asking for free pizza it quickly turned annoying.

Miriam finally got them to go away by scaring them- 
she told them we could go to jail for talking to them

then we checked into our swanky hotel suite and hit the hot tub.
then we came back to the suite and tried out the jazzui tub and steam shower. 

to finish off we watched a chick flick while eating a fruit tart. 
as miriam and i laid in bed not quite tired Andrew FaceTimed us and read us my favorite book "Eloise"
he did all the voices and showed us all the pictures. 
i refused to turn the lights on seeing how it was 2 am and i looked like a mess. 
so poor Andrew didn't get to see anything other than a black screen

needless to say it was the best way to finish out our time together as room mates

Saturday, April 20, 2013

senior pictures

i graduate next week and here are my senior pictures my talented room mate Miriam took:

isn't she talented?

the whole get-up for graduation is literally the goofiest. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Buddy

I know I call a bunch of people best friend but in my mind 'best friend' is a status rather than a single slot. out of the 9 girl best friends from high school Rachel is one of them and today is her birthday.

I really love Rachel and am so lucky we are friends. 
All my fun and great memories have been with her 
and there have been countless fabulous moments with her.
She means more to me than a blog post can due justice.

For all my sunny and rainy days Rachel has been by my side. She can make me laugh like no other person and I can't tell you how happy I am that we got to experience our study aboard in Jerusalem together. It took our best friend bond to a whole new level- the Middle East can do that to ya. 

Here are some reasons why I love Rach: 
 she is artistic
she knows how to REALLY laugh
 she has big dreams
 she trusts her gut and the Spirit 
 she is generous
 she has a big heart and talk about CLASSY style!
 she really loves her family and friends
 she is VERY loyal
 you can drink kool aid out of her dimples
 she is a great foodie. she can appreciate good pita bread, ice cream bars and pop rock choc
 she taught me "who needs men when you have architecture?"
 she is the biggest goof and can make us all roll on the floor laughing
 has great taste in husbands- we all love kev waggily 
 she can dance in a bus ^^^^^^
 she is so athletic- what a great hiker and tennis player 
 she can look on the bright side of things
 she is a dedicated student
 she is so thoughtful of others
 she can turn riding on the sketchiest train in Egypt at midnight into an adventure ^^^^^ 

she can make the best of any situation and is so positive

 she is a great listener and makes you feel loved
don't cha know
oh hello sir
well hi there partner
i can see Russia from my house

 she is always up for an adventure
 she is a talented chef and baker!
 she can make friends with anybody
and is also a donkey whisperer ^^^^^

she has a strong testimony and knows who she is

 She is a big pot of gold we have all struck. 

Rach- I all love you to pieces and hope you have the best best best birthday.
peace and blessins y'all 

and she can also jump realllllly well. i have about 9874646 jumping pictures to prove it