Thursday, June 30, 2011

have you noticed

that both lady gaga and katy perry's new song has a section with some sweet saxophone in it? flashback to old school! i can't remember the last time a new song that has come out with a sax in the line up.

Monday, June 27, 2011

the babies have it

i can tell i am rubbing off on the babies in my life.
can i help it that they all happen to love and dance to my favorite song at the moment?
(walkin' on a dream by empire of the sun. the music video is crazy so just listen)

here is J listening to it for the first time:

and here is anne's first listen:

two babies.
same song.
same reaction- slowly over-taken by dance!

what can i say? they have great taste! i am so proud

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

nanny dairies #3

walking home from school with J in the stroller and P walking beside me.

P: "why is this sidewalk so bumpy? there are lots of cracks"
me: "because its really old"
P: "how old is it?"
me:"..aaaahhhh...... (desperately trying to think of the shelf life of cement... coming up with nothing so i just said) 50 years"

long silence-

P: "when is it's birthday?"
this is us working on our fishy/kissy face

Saturday, June 11, 2011

mini me

i got to see my adorable niece this weekend.
and i may have done a little make over on her while my sister was out.
i must say it turned out fabulous.

first step that needed to be done was to get that girl a headband. which she loved!
what one year old do you know that will keep a headband on and not immediately rip it off?
i will tell you -one that shares my genes.

finishing touch would be hot pink polish!

what a cute babe.
headband? highlighter pink polish?
sounds and looks like a style of someone i know...
oh yes- me.
haha no wonder i thought she looked great.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

nanny dairies #2

P has a little hobby of collecting bugs and then shoving them up into my face for me to see.
cute.... not.
but she loves bugs so i pretend i do too.
today she found a box elder bug and we decided to name it.
and this was her train on logic on deciding it's gender-

me: "so it is a boy or a girl?"
P: "a boy. i don't see any hair or a headband on it. and girls always wear headbands. like you do"

yes P, girls always wear headbands just like me. i am training her well.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

thank you

why i love grandpa siddoway:
  1. always asks if he can "take a swig" of your milkshake, drink, anything
  2. when i pull into the garage i usually see him secretly drinking out of the carton
  3. taught me how to play tennis, softball and croquet
  4. came to ALL of my violin, orchestra, ballet and important events
  5. there for all of my big moments... getting asked to high school dances, birthday parties, graduations, holidays and just all of my growing up
  6. played a big part in my childhood
  7. gave me quarters to pick up sticks in the yard to spend on pharmacy candy
  8. loved Home Depot and Vernal
  9. built his castle on Diamond Mount in the form of a family cabin
  10. encouraged me in school and pushed me. had big dreams for me
  11. gentle, patient and loving
  12. wore the same lumpy, old red sweater that everyone said was time to throw away but he wouldn't let them
  13. built me a playhouse in our backyard
  14. always the handy man and did all the yard work
  15. just wonderful in every way
  16. perfect grandpa