Wednesday, November 30, 2011

peddler's village

one evening we took a family outing to this adorable christmas wonderland
it was called peddler's village
it was the most decorated i have seen on the east coast- in my experience the east coast doesn't put up as many christmas lights as utah people do

and i loved it!
it made me so excited for christmas

sydney and i love the pink trees the best

Saturday, November 26, 2011


here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving on the East Coast:
i love babies and puppies!
riley, stefi and i made these place-setters, aren't they sweet?

we are just a gingham family- super trendy
i love my nieces and nephew

baby adelaide really wanted to come home with me, i wish she could have

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


we made it to Manhattan for some Christmas shopping
and now we are in the thick of Thanksgiving celebrations

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

lets get together

yeah yeah yeah
why don't you and i combine?

nothing beats being matching twinners with a cousin
and having an adorable mini me

made it to the east coast for a massive cousin gathering.
philly today after church for art museums and manhattan tomorrow for some Christmas shopping!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

leavin on a jet plane

come this friday afternoon at exactly 2:00 pm my Thanksgiving break will begin!
i am already trying to fight off the feeling of mentally checking-out.
mainly because i have the mother of all cadaver tests- my anatomy lab final.
it is just so daunting that i just can't compute it- so i don't.

i think of new york city instead.

i think of how i need to shop for:
cute book socks
new skinny jeans
black eyeliner
sparkly skirt/blouse tswift style

i think of the wonderful people i get to be around again:
"it will be the cool cousin club extravaganza!"

this is baby me when i went to nyc for the 1st time.
but i think 3rd times a charm... i have really good feeling about this trip.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


tahna is on her way to Hong Kong right now. so that means i am an orphan in our room without her till tuesday.
and i hate it.
i actually really like sharing a room- which i guess is a good thing because one day when i am married i will have to share a room till forever.

diet coke is no good without a shot of vanilla

isn't it weird how so much stuff can happen but once its done you still feel like you are still back in the same place?

i hate not knowing how i feel about stuff or what to do. i am a black and white person so when a grey area comes up in my life, i just don't know what to do about it. and i don't know what to do about the fact that i don't know. (ha- did you follow that logic? vicious cycle)

noah and the whale is a great band. check out "l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n" and "waiting for my chance to come"

instead of being in Language Development class- i am picturing myself walking out of a studio apartment somewhere in Europe (or maybe Greece), walking down the street with sketch book in bag, listening to the foreign language being spoken by the locals, wearing sandals and a skirt, and just wandering around looking for something i want to draw. nothing on my mind but how nice the sunshine is, how great it feels to be somewhere different yet feel like a local and what a nice sound my shoes make on the cobblestones.

my daydreams are very detailed apparently.

why does it bug boys so much when girls are running to the grocery store in exercise shorts and boots? they aren't trying "to pull anything off". they were just lounging at home, had to go to the store and its fast/easy to put on uggs. the end.

Monday, November 7, 2011

st. geegzy

picture yourself driving in southern utah and northern arizona terrain.

for 6 hours

covering 68 miles
on intense trail that made grown men get worn out
listening to a playlist of classic rock

letting your brain shut off
feel the crisp hair in your face and lungs
being absolutely isolated in the middle of no where
seeing sights most people will never
(like the Hurricane cliffs that run all the way to the Grand Canyon)

just being super happy for such a perfect day
picture all that and you get a really good idea of my weekend in st. george

Thursday, November 3, 2011

she traveled far

this week in any other semester would have been death but since this whole semester is a beast
- i have just become numb to it all.
This week I had 2 quizzes and 2 midterms in my 2 hardest classes all to take in 2 days.
and this same exact situation happened about 3 weeks ago.

all that has been getting me through this repetitive cycle of studying all day, take the test and then immediately starting for the next test is:
picturing myself on my ATV
driving around the red rocks in St. George.
where the wind is so loud i can't hear anything else
where i don't have to think
where i just drive

i have also decided that i just really love traveling.
how cliche i know, look at any girl's blog and off the side where you introduce yourself 99% of them mention travel.
if i were giving tons and tons of money i honestly would just buy a moderate house, put most of it in the bank and once a year use a little to go on a trip.
somewhere new every year.
there are a select places that i would re-visit but for the most part my personality is once i do something, i have the best time and i love it but i want something new after that.
i rarely do repeats.
this applies to a lot of things in my life now that i think of it...
just check it off the bucket list and onto the next.
i just want to travel.

this is an important thing to my sanity and happiness and life.
i want people to say that at the end of life "she traveled far"
and not just geographically.
the end.

i am off to go get a diet coke with a shot of vanilla over pebble ice from Sonic.
also another important thing to my sanity these days.
i know, i thought the day would never come where i finally joined the Faust women and become the 2 zillionth utah mormon girl addicted to diet coke
but it happened.
welcome to the club i guess

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy halloween!

hope everyone had a fun halloween.
honestly ever since high school i feel halloween and news years eve comes with so much pressure to have the best time ever!
alas! it can be hard if everyone wants to go to a party but no one is willing to throw it.
halloween and news years eve parties come with high expectations and you don't want to be responsible for lameo party.

but this year turned out super fun .
much better than my senior year where cops, a graveyard and a pink fairy costume were involved.
last halloween was pretty spectacular though- shout out to all my Jerusalem buddies who spent last Halloween in a shepherds' grazing field overlooking the city light of Bethlehem.

first costume of this halloween:
Jon was Guy
I was Faye
from one of my all time favorite movies "That Thing You Do"

then i was Salvador Dali.
i just really wanted to wear a mustache.
but people didn't know who he was or what Surrealism is
so I just said "a gentleman and a scholar"

my roomies Anita Life and Anita B. Cool
tinker bell - and i almost could be Captain Hook if I had a pirate hat on
a hobo, a viking, a painter and Dwight

salavdor dali had a date to the party- Amelia Earhart
"they make a cute couple huh?"
nod to the previously mentioned movie. 10 points if you caught the reference
ending the night at Slab Pizza was delicious, my first time and i approve.
to finish off I went to another party and got a ride home on a vespa.
i think the vespa ride was my favorite part of my day.

I bought the new "She and Him" Christmas album and i highly recommend it