Wednesday, December 28, 2011


my baby nieces are just the whole kit and kabootle - with adelaide just being a doll and anne learning how to shop like a true faust. oh i am so proud

Sunday, December 25, 2011


christmas at the faust house isn't christmas without our homemade sugar cookies

we even added some brownie/strawberry santa hats
(thank you once again pinterest)
merry christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

hair bow

quite literally.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

bexi's wedding

this monday my dear friend Rebecca Kasper tied the knot to her man Wyatt
bexi and i met freshman year- our apts were next door to each other
we never locked our doors so we just made a giant complex with our 2 apts acting like one.
last summer i went out to visit bexi in her beautiful home of santa cruz
i seriously love this girl so much.

sunday night (her last night as a single gal!) she asked me to come up to the cabin she was staying at in Heber so i could do her hair and makeup for her wedding day.
she hadn't slept the night before
- wedding jitters-
so i made us do a yoga session and had her take a long hot bath with salts and oils.
worked like a charm because she slept the whole night until at 6 am i woke her up for her hair appointment with me.

this is the second time i have done a bride's hair and makeup for her big day,
i. love. it.
with all the wedding help and shower giving i have been doing this year maybe i was right when i wanted to be a wedding planner in the 5th grade
(like every other girl did once that Jennifer Lopez movie came out)

up bright and early.

the happy couple.
i love her dress- it gave her a 1920's look
sorry i don't have a better picture of it, her flowers are covering the best part

this is cory and kenny- they are twins and rebecca's youngest siblings.
after she left for the temple i was put in charge of waking them, dressing them, doing cory's hair, feeding them and getting them to the temple.
how cute does kenny look in his bow tie?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


to kick off the season and get us feelin the christmas spirit-
we took a girls trip to the Conference Center
it was the MOTAB's Christmas concert and it was beautiful.
the stage was amazing- they decorated it like a winter wonder land Castle.
stamp of approval

Thursday, December 15, 2011


heavenly father has perfect timing. even if it seems quite crummy. once you take a step back and take off your mortal perspective lenses you catch a glimpse of the bigger picture. that bigger picture is always better than what you thought. hard and scary things are really blessings.

last week i got sick and eventually ended up having to get surgery- the week before finals. which meant i was missing the last week of classes and studying time for finals. as i recouped at home i thought "how in the world am i suppose to 1. catch up in my classes 2. feel well enough to take my finals 3. do well on my finals." i am quite a perfectionist when it comes to school - so the thought of missing class and missing or taking finals after surgery is a complete nightmare.

if you told me the situation i found myself in - i would not be able to think it possible to not fail all the finals.

but guess what? i am doing the very thing with the worst conditions i could think of and i am just fine. i am making it and its not even half as bad as i thought it would be.

"with God all things are possible."

i am happy, healthy and finals are going great. i am really appreciating what it feels like to be healthy and Heavenly Father's timing. What if it happened the week of finals instead of the one before? or while I was in NYC for Thanksgiving? or on Christmas? or while i was in Jerusalem?
the week i missed of classes were actually really quiet so i didn't miss much.

so i am just feeling very blessed to have my health problem fixed and my finals all done! (just one left) i know i wouldn't have been able to do this without Heavenly Father's help and love.