Thursday, October 10, 2013

the start of an era

Well I have officially made it through the first half of my first semester of grad school. 
It was and wasn't what I thought it would be. 
It is as hard as I thought but I love it more than I expected. 
Trying to explain graduate school would be like trying to explain the flavor of salt. Those who have done it understand but those who haven't, its hard to explain it fully.

Grad school requires more time. Time, time, time. It is a full time job. You don't show up for an hour lecture and go home to work independently. You go to class for 3 hours, have patients to see, and assignments that are big group projects that take days. You also make friends on a whole new level, its a whole different type of bond which the people in your program. I am spectacularly lucky because my class is all the same age and we are all very good friends already. Some other upper classes are not as close. 

I got my white coat- super cool and scary. 

 This is my class. May seem small but it is very large for Audiology classes. 

I got a job within my department to work on special projects and our offices are on the top floor of a building on main campus. These are the views I have: 

 Miriam and I got a townhouse and it is fabulous. Living with 6 girls and always sharing a room at BYU has made living with 1 girl and having a private room feel luxurious. 

I also had a Jerusalem reunion - we are going on 3 years and we still are close and love to get together. The other semesters there had a weak turn out, Fall semester 2013 for the win!

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  1. Looks like you are having such a good year! So happy for you!